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Starlight Castle/02


2002 summer

4ft by 4ft

(Marble dust, pigment, gold leaf, ground glass and found material from Seaton Sluice valley.)

Hidden amongst the treetops within the peaceful valley of Seaton Sluice, Blyth, Northumberland, are the ruins of ‘Starlight Castle’.

Built as a wager by Sir Francis Delaval in 1750.

(The wager, that he could not build a home for his lady friend in a day.)

The name ‘Starlight Castle’ arose from local legend, which states the build began as the stars came out and was completed by daylight. Though now just a ruin the castle still has that air of mystery that invites you to scale its ramparts and investigate . Visitors can see the castle pictured in-between the tree tops on an embankment about half way down the valley. From its vantage point looking down the valley you can still see the old sea-trout traps that shoot across the valley floor, which leads your eye to the former sluice at the valley entrances. The trout traps were constructed long after the valley had been brickworks in 1766 and a brewery in 1768, eventually ending its industrial life as a shipyard.

Such a rich history for such a small place.

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