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Night 2020 (Dartmouth)

(Part of the forgotten history’s and poems series)

The fusion of Dartmouth’s maritime history and the visual poetry of Van Gogh’s Starry Night gives the painting ‘NIGHT‘ 2020‘ poetic depth.


Situated on the River Dart in Devon’s South Hams, Dartmouth is a thriving town, with its narrow streets, overhanging medieval houses and old quays was originally a nearby hilltop village and church at Townstal. Dartmouth’s origins derive soon after the Norman Conquest when the French realised the value of the safe harbour for cross-channel voyages to their territories in Normandy. The rapid development was such that by the 12th century the town was used as an assembly point for a fleet of 146 ships setting out on the Second Crusade in 1147, and again in 1190, when more than 100 vessels embarked upon the Third Crusade.

Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh ‘Starry Night‘ helped me realise how to portray and develop my artworks cross-play, with the-then and now, that could connect to Dartmouth’s maritime history.

His visual approach showed me that the displacement of thought with fantasy could Correlate to a multi-facet approach with material and abstract-timeline. That could in-turn help the observer gain wondering speculation, which could give a deeper visual experience.

NIGHT 2020.The gold Crosses within the abstract symbolise the second and third crusades that left Dartmouth harbour in the 12th Century. The Crosses are also the size of a yacht mast adjacent to the harbours real size.

NIGHT 2020. Has many hidden layers within its construction. The fragmented bitumen mast, (see below) arising through the artwork is a representation of lost-cause and endeavour. Opposed to the Christian gold crosse of faith. What did these men think while waiting for the imminent voyage, to foreign lands?

The abstracts use of found objects collected from the harbours nearby woodland, burnt onto the canvas helps the poetic bearing, alluding to place and renewal.

My aim, make the viewer ‘THINK’ of (Presence) what was and the here and now.

The heavy metals of Gold, Moon Gold, and Palladium within the abstract is my nod to the beyond. These metals were made by the last gasp of a star, a Super Nova.

Created by a Super Massive Nova is the black hole. This will capture-trap light itself through the swirling embrace of its event horizon, thought the only place that time itself could be captured and displaced. Which in theory could bring together all the time lines within the artwork, Interesting ?

NIGHT 2020 (3ft 1′ by 2ft 2′) (94cm by 66cm)


Marble Dust, Paint Pigment, Bitumen, Found objects: A variety of Wood-bark and grasses burnt onto the canvas from Dartmouth Castles woodland, 24ct gold leaf, 22ct Moon leaf (Which is platinum mixed with 22ct gold) and Palladium leaf, On canvas

img_2340-1Mast and harbour from ‘NIGHT‘ 2020 under painting. (Bitumen)

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