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Night Club/01

The idea behind the images below arose from a nightclub I attended in the early seventies. As I remember; it was a bit of a dump but it was where I seen my first stripper.

 I was only eighteen at the time and full of drink as I watched her ply her trade. Then from nowhere a fight broke out. Chair’s, tables and drinks flying everywhere, but I stood still, eyes fixated on her as she carried on striping. (Fantastic.)

Well that’s how I remember it. Funny how events change over time, what seems true to you now is not so for others. It’s strange how recollection changes from person to person and even more so over time. I suppose it’s how we hold events in are memories that defines our unique recollection. I, remember the stripper, but their will be those that only remember the fight. Unlucky them.

A selection of prints from a process called Cyanotype.

This was first introduced by John Herschel in 1842 and is still in use today.

It’s also known as the blueprint and the non-silvering process.

This is a simple procedure; after you’ve impregnated a piece paper or cloth with chemicals use darkened room to set.  Then lay your imaged acetate on top, place both under glass and expose to light.

 Expose to light for about thirty min’s and then wash it in water to set, hang to dry, all done, Fantastic

(Use ultra-violet light from a light box or direct sunlight, with a little practice you be fine)

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