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Decay series / 01



(MAST 4 ft 4 ft / JETTY 4 ft 4 ft / DOCK 6 ft 4ft / RUST 7 ft 5 ft / WALL 6 ft 4 ft /
SEA CLOTH 6 ft 6 inc 3 ft 6 inc / SPLIT IN BLUE 4 ft 4 ft / 01)

(CRASTER WALL 5ft 10’’ 4ft / 2002)

Society’s waste welds itself deep within our subconscious as a constant these day’s, as we scrutinize our environment with a even more critical eye.

The ideas behind these abstracts arose from the industrial ruin and visual pollutions we see along the local Rivers and within our Towns and Countryside.

In this series, I’ve in the most part concentrated on the Ports, shipyards and Quay’s around the North East of England.

All the works displayed in this series have a direct connection within my working past.

Wall 6ft by 4ft / 01

Seacloth 6ft 6′ by 3ft 6′ / 01

Mast 4ft by 4ft / 01

Jetty 4ft by 4ft / 01

Dock 6ft by 4ft / 01

Rust 7ft by 5ft / 01

Spilt in Blue 4ft by 4ft / 01

Craster wall 5ft 10′ by 4ft / 02

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